“Estopeta” Cod

Photo; Cortés J.L


250 gr bacalao salute, 1 pc Tomato, 2 Chives units, 1/2 pc Garlic, some sprigs of parsley, 1 cc Paprika, Extra virgin olive oil, 1 Leek pc thick, Pan de “soups”*


  • Desalt the cod
  • Wash , ginning and cut the tomatoes into small cubes
  • Fix and chop onions , garlic and parsley
  • Once well drained , remove the skin and fillet cod
  • Flake the cod and mix with tomato, chives, driving, parsley, paprika and extra virgin olive oil
  • Add salt if necessary. Book
  • Spread the bread on a baking tray and dried at 100 º c 15 or 20 min until it is crisp. Book
  • Remove the green part of leeks and reserve for other working.
  • Split along the white part of leek and throw their coats and separates all
  • In a pot with boiling water (salt) , 1 minute blanch the leek
  • Cool in ice water and drain
  • Spread on the table leek strips overlapping each other, simulating a plate of cannelloni.
  • Place in the center and wrap the estopeta as a cannelloni
  • Garnish with crispy bread, sprouts , cherry tomatoes olive oil paprika y



In my town, Soller, call “estopeta ” a cold dish made with flaked cod and seasoned with various vegetables and condimentos.Se served cold and has some similarity with l “esqueixada” Catalan. Unfortunately, not easy to find on the menu of restaurants, domestically but still elaborándose.


Pan de “soups”

The word “soups” refers to thin slices of bread brown , which are used to make one of the most emblematic dishes Mallorcan cuisine, “the sopes Malorquinas.”

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